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Welcome to the official web site of Sir Justyn's Eslite d’ Corps, the premier 14th century Living History, medieval interpretation and performance ensemble.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site. If you have questions or comments regarding our web site, activities, members or the middle ages in general you can get in touch with us at enquiries@eslitedcorps.com

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Courageous, noble, bold, beautiful, chivalrous, passionate, definitive, premier, incomparable, dynamic, dedicated, awesome, innovative, grand, elite, approachable, charismatic, exciting, courteous, friendly, entertaining, accurate, educational, experienced.  

The best in their chosen fields; the Eslite d’ Corps.

Innovative leaders, trailblazers resurrecting the past and doing so in a way that none other have succeeded in emulating. Never happy with “good enough”, EdC strive to improve, evolve, and reach new heights of authentic 14thC impression and performance chasing that impossible dream; perfection.

Want to get involved with EdC or acquire the services of EdC? Please contact us on enquiries@eslitedcorps.com

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